Born in 1872 its the oldest and traditional soft drink produced by ECM. Very refreshing, excellent mixed with wine (sangria) and, as is customary in Madeira, with Coral Beer.
Laranja was born in the time of the monarchy, in 1872. Older than Coca-Cola, Laranjada was the first soft drink to be produced in Portugal, keeping until this day its characteristic flavour. A highly carbonated soft drink, effervescent, clear, slightly acid, a characteristic bright orange colour, with a pronounced orange peel aroma and flavour.
Genuinely madeiran, laranjada has always been linked with the archipelago’s festivals. The tradition is alive and well and no festival goes by without a ‘laranja cocktail’, a mixture of wine or beer with soft drink.

Product characteristics

Range/Type: Carbonated soft drink based on natural orange extract


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifier – citric acid; colour – E102 and E122; flavours. E102 and E122 – may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Care Instructions

Keep away from aggressive odours and keep in a clean, fresh and dry environment. Protect from sunlight. Shake before opening. Should be served cool.

Available Packaging

Reusable: 0,20 cl, 0,33 cl,; tank 20 L
Non-returnable: 0,50 L, 1 L, 1,5 L; 6 pack 0,50 L; 4 pack 1 l, 4 pack 1,5 l

1 Monde Selection Grand Gold Medal